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As you know the Internet is overloaded with hundreds of different bodybuilding programs, exercises and supplements, and it is quite difficult to find the one which is best for you and suits the needs of your body composition.

Whether you want to build muscle and burn fat or build muscle and gain weight you’ve come to the right place.

A well constructed and effective bodybuilding exercises in order to build muscle and burn fat should consist of the right mix of aerobic exercises, proper weight  training supported by good balanced nutrition. Everyone is different, but generally, the overall development of the body includes not only build muscle mass, but improved conditioning and complete fitness, and increasing strength. You have to know exactly what you want to achieve with your workouts if you want to find the bodybuilding routine that fits your goal perfectly.

The right mindset is crucial to your long-term success because the muscles are as much depended on your mind as on a proper bodybuilding exercises. Much not unlike a sculptor who visualizes his sculpture before he applies the chisel to the stone, you need to visualize your results before you begin.

In order to achieve your goal it is very important to be consistent and persistent with your bodybuilding routine. Plan your exercise program in a way that you limit the chance that your routine will go astray or interrupted, or if you miss workout days due to factors outside the gym.

Many bodybuilders have their training 4 or 5 times a week that allows them to achieve great results building muscles and burn fat, and provides enough time for rest and recovery. Even if you are enthusiastic about your bodybuilding exercises and eager to build muscle and burn fat as soon as possible, you must first understand that over-working your body will not lead to greater profits.

If your life is too busy, like for most people, with the proper bodybuilding exercises you can get great results lifting weights even 2-3 days a week, and 2-3 days doing only cardio if you want to burn fat faster.

If you want to build muscle and burn fat stay with the basic exercises for major muscle groups and compound movements instead of isolated movements for small muscles when you get to the gym. Start each session with some stretching and cardio exercises to increase heart rate, but do not overwhelm yourself or exaggerate your cardiovascular work before you begin your muscle building exercises.

When you finished your aerobic  exercises and stretching proceed with your core training which should be about 30-45 minutes per session. Try do not over train. Find a bodybuilding routine that has three to five basic compound exercises for major body parts – legs, chest and back – and perform four to five sets for each exercise. Start each set with 2 warm-up sets followed by 2-3 progressively heavier sets, and between 6-12 reps per set.

Depending on your goal ( build muscle and loose fat, build muscle and strength, or build muscle and gain weight) take about 1-5 minutes breaks accordingly between each set for rest and recovering.

As always, before you begin learn first how to do bodybuilding exercises and eat properly, and you will build muscle and burn fat, or build muscle and gain weight the right way without hurting your body.

Come back often to for updates about bodybuilding exercises, nutrition and bodybuilding supplements.


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 Posted on : January 7, 2016

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