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No Protein? No Problem

There’s a reason no one cycles protein the way they do carbs: Because protein is awesome and you always want get plenty of it. If there are days you cannot get enough protein—you’re fasting, traveling, you’re vegan, or maybe you have a short-term medical condition—a new study shows that a daily hit of L-citrulline can help you hold onto your muscle.
A study published in the journal Clinical Nutrition took eight subjects and put them on a low-protein diet for three days. On the fourth day they were given a dose of L-citruline and experienced an increase in the synthesis of new muscle protein. This action had no effect on insulin levels.
More research is needed to determine the mechanism of action and L-citrulline’s effect on muscle breakdown, but for now it looks like a promising solution if you ever have to cut back on your daily protein.
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Drink Your Greens

A health-based supplement is gaining popularity among serious fitness enthusiasts.
By Jenevieve Roper, PhD, CSCS, CISSN
Okay, let’s be honest: How many of you actually get the recommended dietary intake of vegetables each day? I mean, your focus is strictly on gains, which requires a lot of protein and moderate amounts of carbs and fat. Sometimes an overbearing focus on protein can end up harming you in the long run. Well, I’m happy to report that many of you are wising up to this fact and figuring out other means of getting in those key nutrients that you only get from a variety of fruits and vegetables. One method that is gaining popularity is utilizing a green powder.
So what exactly are green powders? They are exactly what they sound like. Manufacturers freeze-dry chlorella, spirulina, barley, kale, alfalfa, wheatgrass, spinach, broccoli, and other green-hued vegetables and herbs, and process them into a concentrated, albeit low-calorie, powder. But it doesn’t just end there. They’re actually one of the fastest-growing category of supplements, and it’s likely because they deliver a day’s worth of fruits and veggies in a scoop of powder without the additional calories. A green powder is fast, convenient, and not nearly as terrible tasting as you’d think. It’s are also a great supplement if you’re on a strict diet but still want your nutrients.
Nutritional Support
Well, something with the name “green powder” should provide some nutritional support, because they aren’t selling sex appeal. Green powders are full of great nutrients and phytochemicals that provide some great nutritional support. Well, it starts with their ingredients. Many green powders vary a bit in their ingredients, but there are some key ones that you should look for so you get the most bang for your buck:
Wheatgrass: If the superfoods were the Justice League, wheat grass is
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