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MMA Boxing is a 49 minute cardio boxing program with a touch of MMA thrown in to give your workout a new twist. While any fighter would definitely be challenged from this intense and thorough program, this workout focuses on getting the fitness enthusiast in the best shape possible "outside of the ring". In this workout you'll do a warm up followed by a series of boxing combinations. After each combination you'll do sports specific boxing drills to increase your stamina and improve your speed and coordination. MMA Boxing concludes with core conditioning drills and a stretch. A bonus heavy Bag workout (20 mins) is also featured in this program for those of you who have this piece of equipment. Boxing is by far one of the most intense total body conditioning workouts out there. It is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, your muscles moving and those calories burning!

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Customer Reviews

Such a fun workout!

11 people found this helpful.
 on February 17, 2010
By Leanne
Cathe is one of my favorite instructors, so I was so exciting to get this new workout of hers. I just got done doing it for the third time, and it’s just so much fun! If you do the entire workout (minus the heavy bag section), it comes in at just under 50 minutes long.

Intense but Fun

13 people found this helpful.
 on January 8, 2010
By C. Neal
I have Cathe’s Kick Punch and Crunch DVD and I really enjoy it , so I thought I would try one of her new Shock DVD. I really enjoy this DVD a lot. As with most of her DVD’s it is a more advanced workout, but it is really fun and the time flies. It has three punching combos that are each followed by an intense but short cardio burst. The combos are fairly easy to pick up if you have some kickboxing experience.It ends with a challenging core workout and a nice stretch. I also enjoy the heavy bag workout, it is only 20 minutes or so but it will definitely make you sweat! I highly recommend this workout if you enjoy a good punching workout !!

A fun twist on boxing

8 people found this helpful.
 on June 18, 2010
By Nancy
This is one of three MMA workouts in Cathe’s Shock Cardio series. I must admit this workout has grown on me and I’m liking it more and more. I consider this and the MMA Fusion workout to be equally tough, but I rate them as more high intermediate than outright advanced. Cathe doesn’t give a lot of form pointers, so this workout is best for people somewhat familiar with kickboxing and boxing moves.

almost exactly what I was looking for

2 people found this helpful.
 on November 18, 2015
By Sneaky Burrito
I recently bought a whole bunch of exercise DVDs and this is the first one I tried. This is my first DVD from Cathe Friedrich and I will now definitely be trying more of her offerings. Please note that I will not be saying much about the optional heavy bag section because I do not have this equipment and am thus unable to complete that segment.

Easy to follow…

One person found this helpful.
 on January 31, 2013
By April M. Tolsma
I am now hooked on Cathe’s videos! Started with this one as my first, as I wanted particularly the segment for the heavy bag. I found her workout to be challenging in that it keeps the heart-rate up without too many stopping points. I love to keep momentum and she and her team keep it going. 🙂 Also, not too many extra pieces of equipment required.

Great Video

One person found this helpful.
 on February 4, 2010
By Mommy's Angels
I do this on my needak rebounder which increases the cardio output as my legs are always bouncing, but not because it needed it as it is challenging on its own. I also love the no impact the rebounder provides . It is a really fun video. The combinations are tough and challenging so you won’t get bored. She also keeps things moving so there are no dull spaces. Practice will make perfect and because I really enjoyed it, I will do it often.I’ll save her longer workouts for the weekend.

Good workout.

 on May 2, 2012
By Julie
If you’ve ever done any of Cathe’s step routines, or any of Kelly Coffey-Meyer’s “stepboxing” or kickboxing dvds, you can definitely master the footwork in this one. I found the choreography to be refreshingly simple and straightforward. While I find this to be a tough, athletic workout, it’s not as heart-pumping as some of Cathe’s cardio routines. As such, I choose this workout on days in between tough strength sessions when I don’t feel I quite have the energy to be hopping on and off a step, but still want to get some cardio in. Furthermore, it’s a great core workout; if you buy this dvd for that purpose alone you won’t be disappointed.

Wow, what a workout!

 on January 2, 2013
By Katherine
It definitely takes a few times doing this DVD to pick up the whole routine. She has a quick pace – which is good for the cardio aspect. I just have two left feet, so to say, and took me longer to pick it up. Cathe is very energetic and I enjoy working out with her.

Not a bad workout

One person found this helpful.
 on April 7, 2013
By Eve
I am doing the Power 90 workout and it’s really good. But I wanted to add a little something to it since it can be pretty repetitive looking at the same video all the time. This workout is kinda fun and the instructor is not annoying. I give it 4 stars because I’m not super tired at the end like with Power 90 which to me implies it’s not as good of a workout.


2 people found this helpful.
 on July 25, 2013
By A. King
Great workout! Keeps you moving and doesn’t drag on. Time flies and you get a great workout. Cathe ones not seem fake or overly jolly. She’s just real, with a smile. I enjoy her workouts.
 Posted on : November 13, 2016

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