BEST And WORST Exercises For Building Big Arms!

Date: 2020-04-13 13:34:59

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Have you been trying to get bigger arms, but you just aren’t seeing the results you are looking for? Well stick around and I will give you the best and worst exercises for building big arms.

I am going to explain how I feel about certain exercises, and you can decide what you think about the exercises. I am going to tell you why they are the best and the worst exercises, and you can choose to do the exercises or not. Now onto the exercises for this video tutorial on the best and worst exercises for bigger arms.

One of my favorite bicep exercises to do… INCLINE CURLS. It allows for a huge range of motion and a great stretch when doing this exercise. I also do these exercises with TriCon sets. I don’t know if you have seen any of my videos on TriCon training, but I encourage you to check them out. The goal with the incline curls, is to keep your elbows back. You want to make sure to keep your elbows back when you are contracting because when you bring them forward, your hands will rest right above your elbows. You don’t want to give your biceps a rest during the exercise, so make sure to keep the proper form. When you are contracting your bicep, make sure to do a hard supination. That will get you a huge peak in your bicep.

The second exercise is Cable Curls. When doing this exercise, keep your shoulders back and your elbows pinned to your side. You will get a good stretch at the bottom, and a good contraction at the top. The thing I like about cable curls is there will always be resistance on your biceps. This is a great exercise to do to get bigger arms.

One of the worst exercises and one of the most common is heavy barbell curls and heavy dumbbell curls. When you use heavy weight, you tend to lean forward a lot and use momentum. This shortens your range of motion and can injure your back and you are cheating yourself. You want to maximize every single rep to get the best out of your workout. So, I recommend avoiding using really heavy weight when working your arms.

Now that I gave you a few bicep exercises, let’s hop over to some tricep exercises… PARALLEL BAR DIPS. Keep your elbows tucked to your side, and lean forward slightly when doing the dips. If your torso is straight up, you are going to strain your shoulders. That is why I don’t recommend this exercise because if you don’t know how to utilize good form, you could injure your shoulders. If you can utilize good form, I highly recommend it because you will get tremendous results. Play with your positioning because you want to make sure the strain is in your triceps and not your chest.

The second tricep exercise I really like is CABLE KICKBACKS. There is constant tension throughout the whole rep, hinge at the hips and keep your elbow up. Extend your arms out as long as possible and really hold that contraction for a couple seconds. Release the contraction slowly to really take advantage of that tension.

An exercise you really want to avoid, especially as an older man, is BENCH DIPS. This exercise is bad for your shoulders and elbows, and this exercise really won’t get you great results.

Another bad exercise is DUMBBELL KICKBACKS. When you dangle the dumbbell, you lose the tension. That is why I recommend the cable kickbacks, instead of the dumbbell kickbacks.

Well guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with how to get bigger arms. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos with great workouts to get bigger arms:

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