BEST And WORST Leg Exercises For Bad Knees!

Date: 2020-04-26 20:35:15

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Do you guys suffer from having bad knees? Bad knees are one of the most common issues, when it comes to pre-existing issues. It is really hard to train when you have bad knees. In this video, I am going to give you the best and worst exercises to do, when you have bad knees. Let’s get started!

Something I recommend if you do have bad knees is to use some resistance bands to help alleviate some of the stress in your knees when you are exercising.

An exercise you need to completely get rid of is RUNNING. Replace running with CYCLING. Cycling can give you the benefit of running, without wreaking havoc on your knees and joints. Now, keep in mind…we are all different. Some people are able to run without having any knee pain. However, if you do have knee pain, CYCLING is a good substitute.

Another exercise you want to avoid is LEG EXTENSIONS. There are other exercises you can do with less risk and a better reward. BODYWEIGHT SQUATS is a good substitute for leg extensions, especially for those suffering with bad knees. Bodyweight squats will get you a bigger bang for your buck, and it will strengthen your knees as well.

The next exercise you should avoid is a forward walking lunge. The problem with the motion of this exercise is, it creates shearing force on your knees. Instead, you can do REVERSE LUNGES. This will still give you all the benefits, without putting risk on your knees.

The last exercise you want to avoid is PLYOMETRICS or BOX JUMPS. This type of exercise does not provide a lot of benefits, especially for us older guys. Plyometrics help build explosiveness for athletes. There are a lot better exercises that you can do to burn calories, than doing box jumps. If you are looking to develop your legs, I recommend STEP UPS as opposed to box jumps.

Well guys, there you have it…exercises to avoid if you have bad knees. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to exercise without pain:

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