BEST Back Workout For Mass At Home (Dumbbells and Resistance Bands!)

Date: 2020-09-05 17:05:17

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Best Back Workout For Mass At Home…

Guys..workout out at home doesn’t have to be difficult, and right now it can be hard to go to the gym. That is why I am going to give you the best back workout for mass at home. All you need are some bands and some light dumbbells. The structure of this workout is 3 sets of each exercise, with 10-12 reps. There will be no rest between each exercise, and at the end of each set rest for 60 seconds. Let’s get started with this follow along back workout for mass at home.

Exercise #1: BACK ROWS. Make sure to use your mind muscle connection to really squeeze the muscles in your back.
Exercise #2: BANDED LAT PULLOVERS. If this is too easy for you, make sure to start with the band preloaded with tension going into the exercise.
Exercise #3: BANDED TRICON LAT PULLDOWNS. The first 3 reps are going to be explosive, the second 3 are going to be 10 second isometric holds, and the last 3 are going to be super-slow reps (4 seconds down, 4 seconds up).
Exercise #4: HANGING CLEANS. Make sure to use a weight where you have a controlled movement, you do not want to be using your whole body to get the dumbbells up.

After you do one set of all these exercises without resting in between, rest for 60 seconds before starting the next set. This is a great workout because it is quick, and it doesn’t require a lot of equipment. This will be intense because you don’t get to rest between exercises, which will help you burn fat as well. Make sure to try this at home back workout the next time you workout at home.

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