Build a Big Back with Bands (NO WEIGHTS!)

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If you want to build a big back with bands and did not think it was possible, then this is the video for you. Here, I’m going to show you the best ways to build a bigger back using just resistance bands and no weights. In times of gym closures and an increase in the number of people doing home back workouts, having a resource for the best band exercises for back is going to help you to meet your goals without having to compromise.

All of these back exercises can be done with one to two sets of resistance bands. It is a good idea to have varying resistance levels of them so you can introduce more exercises.

The first one shown is the classic pullup. Here the focus of the back exercise is to get your chin up over the bar. This can be a challenging back exercise for many people so having a way to make it easier is key. By hanging the band over the pullup bar and stepping into it, you can unweight up to half your bodyweight making this possible. You can also anchor the band on the floor and use it to overload the exercise and help you to build a big back by doing so.

The next back exercise with bands is the row. This takes a popular gym back exercise and makes it possible to do at home by creating high tension through wide foot positioning and a doubled up grip on the band. Holding the resistance band in both hands you will find that it simulates the action and movement of a bar while providing adequate tension to really force the back muscles to work in a lower rep range.

No list of the best band exercises for back could be complete without including the high to low one armed row. This is one of my favorite ways to get a great stretch on the lats in the start position and gives me a chance to drive my elbow back behind my body as far as possible for an amazing lat contraction. The bands can always be moved just another centimeter, always giving me a chance to increase tension even when it feels as if there is nothing left.

We don’t want to overlook the importance of straight arm lat work either. Bands make this not just possible but optimal. Here you can do either the banded straight arm pushdown or the pullover. The key difference on the pullover is that you want to let your elbows flare out (as opposed to trying to stay close together in the upper chest variation of the movement).

The zeus row is a great back exercise using bands that hits the hard to reach and often overlooked mid and lower traps. This is likely going to become your instant favorite banded back exercise. If done right, you will feel an intense contraction through your rhomboids and mid back muscles like nothing you’ve ever felt before.

The wrap around row is another example of a great mid back exercise with resistance bands. Here you want to use a cross over hand over hand grip to allow the shoulder blades to protract around the body and get an amazing pre-stretch on these hard to activate muscles of the middle back.

Shrugs, face pulls, good mornings and superman press outs are other incredible exercises for back that can be done with resistance bands that help to target the other two areas of the back that often go untrained. Be sure to check them out in detail by watching the entire video.

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