Dumbbell Shoulder Workout (GET JACKED DELTS!)

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If you want a dumbbell shoulder workout that doesn’t require you to need a full rack of dumbbells or access to a gym, this is it. Here, Jeff Cavaliere is going to give you two options for shoulder workouts with dumbbells. You can do either or both. If you only have one set of light dumbbells you can easily do the bottom up version. If you have even just three pairs of weights you can do the top down version.

Both of these dumbbell shoulder workouts consist of three shoulder exercises to get you jacked delts. These are the side lateral raise, front raise, rear delt row and the arnold press. The key is that you change the position of your body throughout this workout for shoulders to ensure that the tension remains high and the gains keep coming. The three positions from which you are going to perform this workout are sitting on the ground, kneeling and standing.

We start with the first of the two workouts for shoulders with dumbbells, which we will call workout A.

It consists of performing the 4 exercises first sitting on the ground without resting between them. Each of the first three lateral raises are to be performed for 7 reps. The last exercise in the shoulder workout circuit, the Arnold Press, is to be performed for 10 reps. No rest should be taken between any of the movements shown here.

When sitting on the ground, we immediately make what would traditionally be a fairly light weight feel much heavier. This is because we are able to limit the range of motion due to the ground getting in the way, and force the shoulders to undergo more constant tension at the bottom of the movement. Even after just the first 7 reps you should start to feel an intense burn in your delts if you are doing this right.

Move immediately into the front raise and do the same thing. Again, the limited range of motion will force the front head of the delts to withstand more tension throughout. Once again, without resting move into the final move to hit the rear delts and perform 7 reps without letting up. Lastly, put it all together with the Arnold Press.

From here, immediately assume a kneeling position and begin the sequence all over again. Once again you will not rest between exercises and keep going until all are finished.

Stand up and do this one more time to completion.

Take a 2-3 minute rest and repeat the entire circuit, starting once again from the floor, and aim to complete 3-4 total rounds of this dumbbell shoulder workout option.

If you would rather take on a slightly heavier shoulder workout option, then shoot to complete workout B. Here you are going to need 3 sets of dumbbells that are 10 pounds apart in weight. Here I am using a set of 30’s, 20’s, and 10’s. Once again I am going to perform the same exercises but this time I’m going to start in the standing position and use the heaviest dumbbells I have.

After completing the circuit of exercises without resting, shift to the kneeling position but take 2-3 minutes rest before initiating the same series of moves with the second heaviest set of dumbbells that you have.

Complete these and then once more, shift to the seated position and use the lightest pair of dumbbells that you have. Remember to once again take your 2-3 minute rest between positions. Once finished here, rest 3-5 minutes and aim to complete 3-4 total rounds of this brutal shoulder workout for jacked delts.

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