How To Build Up Your Legs At Home With Drop Sets (FULL LEG WORKOUT!)

Date: 2020-09-12 17:58:46

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Lower Body – Drop Set Emphasis…

Guys.. Friends don’t let friends skip leg day. Legs are a big muscle group, and it requires putting in a lot of work. So today, I am going to show you how to do leg day with drop set emphasis. If you are at the gym, there are great machines where you can just move the pin to lower and increase the weight. At home, we do not have the luxury of doing that. I want to show you some workarounds, so you can have an intense leg day at home using drop sets. Let’s get started with the exercises in this lower body – drop set emphasis workout.

Exercise #1: DUMBBELL STEP UPS. Typically you would alternate legs in step ups, but with drop sets, we are going to focus on one leg at a time for step ups. Pick a heavy enough weight that you can do 10-12 reps. After that, you will lower the weight by about 25%, and do six more reps. Then lower the weights again and do six more reps. Even after doing one leg, you are really going to be out of breath. There are a lot of muscles being worked in this exercise, not just your legs because this is a great compound exercise. Rest for a little before going to the next leg day, to make sure to hit the other leg with the same intensity.

Exercise #2: ONE-LEGGED GLUTE BRIDGES. Try not to touch your butt to the ground at the bottom of the movement. You can start off this exercise with just body weight, then you are going to add a dumbbell to the drop set. Put the dumbbell on your waist, and hold it in place while doing the exercise. Again same thing, lower the weight and do six more reps then do this one more time. These are good to do when you are placing emphasis on one leg at a time. Just make sure to rest before switching to the other leg.

Exercise #3: BANDED SQUATS. You are going to have to experiment with how much resistance you need to really work your muscles. Aim for 10-12 reps with the first set then drop the weight by taking one of the bands off on each side. Then do it again one more time, however with resistance bands, you may need to do more than 6 reps for the second 2 drop sets in the exercise.

Alright guys..that wraps up Part 1 of this lower body workout with drop sets. Make sure to check out Part 2 which will be coming soon. Subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to work your legs at home.

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