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There is a very important fitness question that I want to ask you. If you could meet yourself walking into the gym for the very first time and you are allowed to say three words, what are you saying? In this video, we are going to discuss the 6 bits of wisdom that I would say to myself in this exact scenario.

The first thing that I would say to young Jeff is “address your weaknesses.” All too often, when we go to the gym, we gravitate towards things that we like or that we are good at. It’s completely natural to seek out comfort in everything that we do, even in the weight room. However, I would argue that this is counterproductive to achieving your best gains.

To seek out the best results possible from your training, you need to start working on your deficiencies. Maybe your posture is less than ideal; you need to address the muscular weaknesses and imbalances that you have in order to correct it. Working on what you are good at is only going to get you so far, but working on where you are lacking is key.

My second piece of wisdom that I would tell myself in only three words is this: you versus you. Many of us that first start out at the gym are self-conscious about what other gym-goers are thinking of us. Are they judging us for being small or weak or the fact that we’re new to training? In reality, probably not! It’s too common for us to worry about what others are thinking about us.

Instead, you need to focus on nobody but yourself and focus on creating a better version of yourself. Look at it like a competition where you need to beat yourself. If you do just one thing to better yourself that day, you’ve won that day’s competition.

Next up, another three word phrase I would utter to young Jeff Cavaliere is “effort is everything.” Now, this should come as a no-brainer, but it needs to be said because too often is effort thrown out the window in the idea that you should “just show up.” Sure, showing up is the first part of the battle, but what you do after that is even more important.

When it comes to training, just showing up is not nearly enough. You can go to the gym and still not put in enough effort to make a change. I’ve said it many times before that you can train long or you can train hard but you can’t do both. I opt to for the training hard approach because that is where you will find the most results.

The next three words are part of a phrase that is all too common these days: “natty or not.” It comes from the decision point as a new lifter on whether or not to stay natural through their lifting career or the urge to indulge in enhancements. Just about every new gym-goer has wondered what kind of results they would get if they were to use steroids and sometimes are forced to make a choice.

I would argue that it is far more rewarding to go down the path of remaining a natural lifter throughout your training journey. While the gains may come a little bit slower and not seem as impressive as somebody who is getting a little extra “help,” you can say that every bit of growth you have has come from nothing but hard work.

Now, of course I would have give myself some nutritional advice too! Three simple words: focus on nutrition. I used to have terrible eating habits growing up and I feel that my early training days suffered from it. Luckily, once I dialed in what I was eating, the results were coming quicker and more noticeably. The same advice will work for you too. The sooner that you get your nutrition down and can find a way to stick with it, the sooner you will see the results that you are looking for.

This brings me to the final three words of training advice that I would give to myself just starting out in the gym: consistency is key. This encompasses just about everything I mentioned already in that remaining consistent and dedicated to addressing weaknesses, working on being the best version of yourself, staying on a natural path, and dialing in your nutrition.

Remaining consistent on all these points will lead you down a path of success and bring you the results you are ultimately seeking. If you’re looking for a consistent workout plan to help you achieve your training goals, be sure to visit using the link below and remember to use the program selector to select the plan best suited for you.

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