Jesses Final Video (GOODBYE)

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It had to happen. The transformation of Jesse has reached a turning point. His confidence has turned into arrogance. His brawn has turned into balls. It cannot be tolerated anymore. It is with great dismay that I must announce the firing of Jesse from ATHLEAN-X.

We can look back with a smile however. The blossoming of a once shy and skinny young man into a much less shy and only slightly less skinny 25 year old is something to behold. What started as simply a set of eyes burning holes into the souls of those watching had become a human being that was damn near lovable.

His muscle growth inspired many.

His intros inspired none.

Well, let me be clear on this. His previous intros brought nothing to the table but that is not to say that he did not have a new new new new intro that would have stunned even the likes of Scorcese and left Hollywood clamoring for more Jesse.

But alas, there is nothing left to say but goodbye. Jesse we loved you, but don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. From now on I’ll continue to make videos with your suitable replacement, Raymond the skeleton.

Don’t worry, the viewers may never recognize the difference.

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