No More Love Handles (No Nonsense Tips & Exercises!)

Date: 2020-07-06 22:45:49

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Today, I am going to give you some No Nonsense Tips on ELIMINATING LOVE HANDLES.

I am going to get this out of the way… this is not about spot reducing your love handles. That being said, the very first thing you need to get started on is GETTING YOUR NUTRITION CLEANED UP.

YOU NEED TO CREATE A CALORIC DEFICIT. Cut back on the alcohol and processed foods, you don’t want to have those unneeded calories.

Next, you need to do some FULL BODY TRAINING. Compound lifts done as giant sets in a circuit is very beneficial to helping you get rid of your love handles because you are going to be burning a ton of calories.

If you are going to be resistance training, make sure to PRIORITIZE EATING PROTEIN. You need to be feeding your muscles. Every time you consume protein, you are going to burn some calories.

When it comes to the workouts, throw in a metabolic exercise in between every ab exercise. Now, let’s get started with the exercises to do in a workout to get rid of your love handles.

Exercise #1: RUSSIAN TWISTS. Lean back to activate your abs, lift your feet off the ground, and for extra challenge add some weight to the exercise.

Exercise #2: SIDE TO SIDE MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS. This is a great exercise to work your core and burn calories at the same time.

Exercise #3: SIDE ELBOW PLANK W/ A HIP DIP. Really focus on contracting at the top of each dip.

Exercise #4: FROGGER. You kick our feet out then bring your feet up to your sides. This is a great overall core exercise.

Exercise #5: ELBOW PLANK W/ HIP ROTATION. You want to drive as much blood and get as much contraction as possible to your love handles. Doing this with the nutrition is going to help you eliminate those love handles quickly.

Exercise #6: PLANK JACKS. Focus on the mental image of sucking your belly button into your back.

Do all these exercises without any rest in between, rest for 60 seconds at the end, then repeat this circuit 3 times.

Doing all these tips is going to help you destroy body fat quickly, and get rid of those stubborn love handles.

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