The TRUTH About Muscle Loss After 40 (Fixed!!)

Date: 2020-05-07 18:53:53

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Do you want to know the truth about muscle loss for men after 40? Here it is guys…I am about to give it to you. Once you get in your 40’s and 50’s, society wants you to think that it is time to sit back and relax.

Sarcopenia is a natural occurrence of muscle loss that happens when you get older. However, here is the thing. That is not inevitable! It is the lack of activity and the bad habits you develop in your 40’s and 50’s that cause you to lose muscle.

There was a study that looked at a 40 year old triathlete, a 74 year old triathlete, and a 74 year old man. The MRI on the 40 year old showed great muscle density, especially at 40 years old. Why? Because he stayed active, and didn’t just sit back eating processed foods. Now, the 74 year old man looked horrible. There was very little muscle left in the MRI images. The 74 year old triathlete had amazing muscle density looking at the MRI images. He stayed active and never gave up on himself, continuing to eat healthy and compete.

It really comes down to inactivity versus activity. It is easy to fall off as you get older, I have been there before. It happens to everyone and I know what you are going through. It is not meant to be easy, but it is worth it. The struggle to be healthy is worth it.

Look at my buddy Mark… he is about to be 60 and he is in great shape. He stays active, eats healthy and because of that he both looks good and feels good. This is what we want for you guys!

You need to stay active, and if you aren’t active then you need to get active. You need to start somewhere, progress, get consistency, and all of those will add up to become a lifestyle choice. It does not happen overnight. You deserve to live a long happy life, so TAKE ACTION! Combine exercise with better eating habits, and you will be amazed by how much better you will feel.

Well guys..that wraps up this video tutorial telling you the truth about muscle loss after 40. We want you to live a long, healthy life! Make sure to subscribe to our channel for videos on how to workout and focus on your nutrition:

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