12 Minute Home Abs Workout (FLATTEN YOUR STOMACH)

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If you’re looking for a great ab workout at home, look no further. This routine will help you flatten your abs and lose belly fat in just 12 minutes. What’s even better is that this is a no equipment abs workout with the exception of a slick floor and a pair of socks or a couple of washcloths. You can also use a pair of sliders for this core workout if you’ve got them.

For this ab workout you’ll be doing sliding ab exercises on a slick floor. There are 4 core exercises in this ab workout at home. You’ll do all 3 rounds of each of the abs exercises in this flat stomach routine before moving on to the next exercise. If you’re a beginner one time through of this flatten your abs routine should be enough. If you’re more advanced you can do this abs workout for women 2-3 times through to help you lose belly fat.

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