13 SINGLE Dumbbell Exercises For Chest (Just One Dumbbell!)

Date: 2021-08-28 04:38:51

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Guys, part of working out at home is that you think you need to have a lot of equipment to do so. Well, you don’t have to worry about that. I am going to give you single dumbbell exercises for chest, so all you need is one dumbbell to do these at home. For certain exercises, there are ways to make it more difficult to make the dumbbell feel heavier than it actually is. All of these exercises can be done on the floor, but you can also use a bench or an exercise ball to give you a wider range of motion. Now, let’s get started with these single dumbbell exercises for chest.

Exercise #1: UNILATERAL FLOOR PRESS. This is like doing a bench press, but on the floor and with one arm at a time. This is going to make it where you activate your stabilizer muscles as well, since you are doing one arm at a time. Utilize slow and controlled movements throughout the entire range of motion.

Exercise #2: UNILATERAL FLOOR FLY. You want to bring your arm out all the way to the side, without letting the dumbbell touch the ground. Slow movements are key to provide more time under tension for this exercise, especially when you have your arm out to the side.

Exercise #3: UNILATERAL DECLINE PRESS. Bring your feet close to your butt with the heels on the ground, and lift your butt in the air to create a decline, just without a bench. This is going to work your lower chest when pressing up off the floor.

Exercise #4: UNILATERAL DECLINE FLY. Again, you are going to do the same thing, except you are going to do flys like you did previously. Focus on squeezing your chest and contracting with your pecs, and avoid using your arms to bring the dumbbell back up.

Exercise #5: UNILATERAL INCLINE PRESS. This is where it can come in handy to use an exercise ball to give you an incline. This is going to work your upper chest, and again activate those stabilizer muscles for balance if you are on an exercise ball.

Exercise #6: UNILATERAL INLINE FLY. If you are on an exercise ball, take advantage and try to get a deeper stretch as you bring the dumbbell out to the side. Getting a wider stretch will also help you get a deeper contraction.

Exercise #7: FLAT DB SQUEEZE PRESS. Hold both ends of a single dumbbell, and push up similar to a close grip bench press. Use your mind muscle connection to imagine that you are trying to squeeze both ends of the dumbbell together.

Exercise #8: DECLINE DB SQUEEZE PRESS. Same thing, but again lift your butt in the air to create a decline bench on the floor with your body.

Exercise #9: INCLINE DB SQUEEZE PRESS. Same exercise again, but this time use the exercise ball to create an incline. This is going to work your upper chest.

Exercise #10: UNILATERAL FLY TO PRESS. You are going to do a fly then a press, once back at the top, you are going to do a fly again. This is a great exercise using 2 different movements.

Exercise #11: REVERSE GRIP FLAT PRESS. Turn your palm so it is facing your head, so you are doing a pressing movement with a reverse grip. You are really going to feel this exercise, all from just changing your grip.

Exercise #12: REVERSE GRIP INCLINE PRESS. Same thing, except you are going to do it on an exercise ball.

Exercise #13: PULLOVER TO SQUEEZE PRESS. Bring the dumbbell straight out behind your head then bring it up above your chest. You will then do a pressing movement. Such a great exercise with doing 2 movements in one exercise.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with 13 single dumbbell exercises for chest. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build more muscle at home, and get ripped!

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