30 Minute SHOULDER WORKOUT (Upper Body Burnout!)

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If you’re looking to get strong shoulders and a toned upper body, this womens shoulder workout is perfect for you. It contains dumbbell shoulder exercises that will give you an awesome upper body workout at home. For this at home shoulder workout, you’ll need a pair of dumbbells, and you’re not going to put them down for the entire upper body workout.

There are 4 shoulder exercises in this home shoulder workout. You’ll have to do each of the exercises in this at home shoulder workout for the amount of reps listed. The entire upper body workout for women will take 30 minutes, so if you finish the reps for these shoulder exercises for women, start them over and keep going until you hit 30 mins.

If you’ve never tried some of the moves in this womens upper body workout you should give them a try before you attempt the complete shoulders routine. If you are a beginner it’s ok to take as much rest as you need during this workout for shoulders. If you’re more advanced, try to take as little rest as possible during this at home upper body workout.

Here are the 4 best shoulder exercises that make up this upper body routine:

1) Weighted Step Up Burpee (50 reps)
2) Pushup w/Row (20 reps)
3) Backward Lunges (20 reps each leg)
4) 4 Time Laydown Knee Drive w/4 Rows (10 reps)

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