5 Minute TOTAL CORE Workout (Burn Out The Abs!)

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This 5 minute core workout will show you how to get abs with challenging abs exercises that you can do at home. For this abs drill you will need a thin band to put around your ankles and a pair of sliders. If you don’t have sliders to do this core challenge, a pair of socks on a slick floor will do. And if you don’t have a band for this at home workout, you can try a long thick rubberband if you’ve got one.

In this total core workout there are only 4 core exercises and they’re probably moves for the core you haven’t tried before. We recommend watching the video for this total core workout at home once through before attempting the complete core slider workout.
For each of the 4 moves in this strong core workout, you’ll be doing 30 seconds of work. Take no rest between the exercises in this 5 minute abs routine, but you can take 30 seconds rest at the end of the first round of the core workout. Two complete rounds of this slider core workout make up 5 minutes.

If you’re a beginner we recommend you try just two rounds of this abs workout. But if you’re more advanced you can shoot for 3-4 rounds of this abs workout at home for a total of 7.5 to 10 minutes.

Here are the exercises that make up this ab workout at home:

1) Leg Split Pushup
2) Circle V Ups
3) Seal Walk
4) Mountain Climbers

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