6 Reasons Youre NOT Building Muscle (FIXED!)

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If you’re not building muscle and are getting frustrated with your lack of muscle gains, then this is a video you need to watch. I’m going to show you the 6 reasons why you can’t build muscle and some tried and true muscle building tips that will help you to change your body once and for all.

It starts and ends with effort. I’m not going to say workout intensity because depending on what you are training for this can have a very different meaning. Effort however comes down to how much exertion you are willing to put forth in order to get a desired result from your workouts. For the purposes of building muscle we are talking about the amount of muscle growth you see from your training.

And it’s here that a lot of muscle building mistakes are made.

The first is when gym goers hide behind the science. As an advocate of training science it pains me to say this but it is true. Many beginners or those looking to simply not train hard enough, will point to things like RPE as a reason for leaving reps in the tank and staying away from harder effort. They will say that the volume will make up for the lack of training intensity over the long haul. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Too often, RPE isn’t even applied correctly. The beginner who lacks a true understanding of what max exertion even feels like is likely to stop much shorter from failure than is necessary to even cause a stimulus for change to occur.

Moving on, if you are wondering how to build muscle for skinny guys because you just can’t seem to add size to your frame then you have to be sure you’re not just training your favorite exercises. All too often, the guy who can’t build muscle simply repeats the exercises that he likes rather than the ones he should do. Favorite exercises are favorites because they feel comfortable and you enjoy them. Enjoyment really isn’t a prerequisite for training efficacy.

Thirdly, it is natural and necessary to feel nerves prior to executing at least some of the lifts in your workout sessions. For instance, if every time you step under a squat bar you feel no trepidation at all and totally confident that you’re going to make the rep you’re attempting, you are simply not training hard enough. Again, this isn’t applicable to particular phases in a strength program perhaps but it is a necessary requirement for those looking to make muscle gains and get bigger muscles.

Along with this anticipation of a demanding effort should come some ugly faces. Now I’m not talking at all about the normal face you walk around with, because I for sure have been cursed with a face that isn’t the prettiest to look at. But whatever you look like when not lifting, you should look a whole lot uglier when lifting. It is literally impossible to exert a high effort and look like you’re enjoying a walk in the park.

Finally when it comes to the effort needed to build muscle, especially when you are wondering how to build muscle fast, you need to assess how you feel when you leave the gym. Do you feel refreshed from your workout or accomplished. If you feel refreshed then you likely exercised and didn’t train. In order to make muscle gains you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable. You need to be willing to take from your body what it was unwilling to give you on that day.

Then and only then can you make your best gains and build muscle the fastest.

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