Body Fat for Abs to Show – The Truth! (MEN AND WOMEN)

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Ever wonder what the right body fat for abs to show should be? In this video, I’m going to not only show you what your body fat level should be, for both men or women, but also the best way to go about getting there regardless of where you are right now.

The key to identifying the proper body fat level is to first try and figure out what level you are at right now. There are generally three types of ways to do this. The first way to measure body fat is with a more sophisticated testing method like the DEXA scan or a Bod Pod. These are generally more expensive and logistically a bit more difficult to come by for those looking for a fast answer. The second is with the use of calipers. While less accurate, this is something that you can have tested at a local gym for free or inexpensively.

The third method is the one that I like to use the most and that is with the quick, visual eye test. These charts are something that I have had up on my website for almost 10 years. While certainly not perfect, they give you a quick reference to the general appearance of someone at that stated body fat level. If you would like to see them you may do so at the following locations:

Men’s Body Fat Percentages –

Women’s Body Fat Percentages –

Once you know this, these charts also help to make it easier for you to visually identify the body fat goal you have in your mind.

The key to point out here is that body fat levels can vary greatly when it comes to seeing your abs. In fact, the body fat level required to see your abs can span almost 17 percent body fat! Of course, there are very unhealthy ranges of body fat that while allowing you to be totally shredded, are not sustainable and not recommended for health.

But what is key to realize is that depending on the level that you would be happy with, the amount of work required to get abs and then keep them will be dramatically lessened the higher you go. For instance, requiring body fat levels low enough to see your abs without even flexing is likely going to require a dedicated nutrition plan that allows for absolutely zero cheat meals and too rigid a lifestyle to be enjoyable.

On the other hand, if you choose to want a 10 percent to 15 percent body fat percentage, you will find that you will still be able to enjoy some of your favorite foods and drinks without having to worry about blowing the appearance you set out to achieve. This applies whether you are a man or a woman. Just realize that the absolute numbers will not relate to each other given the different body fat levels men and women carry strictly based on hormonal differences and the child bearing capabilities of females.

There is also a significant boost you will get from training your abs in addition to watching your nutrition. Even at higher body fat percentages, you will be able to see your abs more clearly if you are willing to do some direct ab exercises and training. This can make the nutrition requirements even a bit more forgiving not to mention the strength and core health benefits that come from training these muscles as it is.

Overall, the body fat for abs to show is something that surprises many people. They feel that the number has to be in the single digits or they simply won’t be able to see a six pack. This often then becomes a deterrent to even starting and can discourage many from even attempting to get in better shape than they are right now fearing that they will never get to their main goal. This does not have to be the case.

The best way to do this will always be with a combined effort of improving your nutrition and including ab exercises and training to your weekly training routine. The Core4 Abs program is a new plan that I created that does exactly this. It provides step by step meal plans for abs and exercises for a six pack that will get you a stronger core and a more ripped, defined midsection within just 90 days. Fast changes happen when you have a gameplan for getting to where you want to be.

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