Carrot Cake is KILLING MY Gains!

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Jeff Cavaliere’s birthday is June 28th. It’s well known that on this particular day, the king of youtube fitness enjoys his once a year carrot cake. That is, until Jesse decided that this year was the one to skip it. Why? He feels as if Jeff is up a percent or two in body fat and he had to get things under control.

See what happens next.

By the way, if you are the type that reads the descriptions of these videos – first of all thank you. We put great effort into putting elaborate descriptions that allow the person who may not be able to watch the video with the audio on to be able to learn what is taught in the video. Secondly, here’s your chance to shine. In addition to the normal video giveaway, we are going to award three lucky commenters with our Old School Iron program for leaving a comment answering the following:

“What would you give Jeff Cavaliere for his birthday and why?”

Good luck!

Let’s make your birthday come early.

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