Core Strength Workout (DO AT HOME!!)

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This core strength workout will help you get a flat stomach in no time thanks to its intense at home core exercises!

This flat stomach workout has two parts. Each part of this abs workout at home has 4 best core exercises. For the first round of this total core workout, you’ll do 6 reps of each of the core exercises. For the 2nd round of this ab workout at home, you’ll increase one rep to 7 reps of each flat belly exercise. For the 3rd round of this routine for how to get a flat stomach, you’ll do 8 reps of each move in this intense ab workout.

After finishing part 1, you’ll move on to part 2 of this abs workout at home. It follows the same rep and round sequence as the first part of this ab workout.

If you are a beginner, take rest as needed while you’re performing these at home core exercises. If you’re advanced, you can try for more than one round of this at home core workout.

Here are the exercises that make up this flat belly workout:

1) 6 Crunches
2) 6 Elbow Walk Up and Back
3) 6 Leg Splits
4) 6 V-Ups

For round 2, add a rep for 7 reps each
For round 3, add a rep for 8 reps each

1) 6 Split Ball Balance Get Up
2) 6 Ball Throw Kickout
3) 6 One Leg Alternating Pass
4) 6 Ball Grab Pass

For round 2, add a rep for 7 reps each
For round 3, add a rep for 8 reps each

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