Explosive HIIT Workout (ATHLETIC CARDIO)

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This explosive HIIT routine is a full body cardio workout made up of high intensity interval training moves to help you build strength and blast fat. This HIIT workout is meant to be about 18 minutes long and will give you a total body cardio routine and build strength simultaneously.

There are 6 exercises in this HIIT cardio routine. You’ll do each of the moves in this full body workout for 50 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest before moving on to the next move in this full body workout routine. If you’re a beginner shoot for 1-2 rounds of this athletic training workout. If you’re more advanced you can try to do 3 complete rounds of this full body HIIT workout for a total of an 18 minute HIIT cardio workout.

Here are the exercises that make up the best total body workout:

1) 10 High Knees 10 Mountain Climbers
2) Squat Kickouts
3) 2 Monkey Pushups 2 Standard Pushups
4) Press Ups
5) Ninja Jump Tucks
6) 4 x 4s

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