FASTEST Way To Get 6 Pack Abs For Men Over 40 (FAST 6 PACK!)

Date: 2021-02-14 18:47:49

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Fastest Way To Get 6 Pack Abs For Men Over 40…

I get asked this question a lot.. Mark, what is the fastest way to get 6 pack abs for men over 40 like me? There are lots of answers to this question, and stick around to the end to hear my personal six pack ab trick! As we dive into this tutorial on how to get 6 pack abs for men over 40, remember this, you may be able to build your abs in the gym then focus on nutrition to get the abs to show. Let’s get started with the tips to get abs fast after 40.

NO ONE SINGLE METHOD OR TRICK WILL GIVE YOU SIX PACK ABS. There is not one thing you can do that will give you 6 pack abs, it takes many different methods to get a 6 pack. As you get older, it can be tougher to get a 6 pack because our metabolism slows down. So what are some things you can do to help you get a 6 pack?

Tip #1: INCREASE HORMONES AND TESTOSTERONE. Studies show that testosterone naturally declines 1-2% every year after you turn 30. One of the best ways to help increase your testosterone is to start doing resistance training to increase testosterone levels. When your body works to rebuild your muscles, it increases testosterone production to repair those muscles. There are also supplements you can take to help increase your testosterone levels.

Tip #2: LOSE BODY FAT. You need to get rid of the body fat around your belly to get your abs to show. Increasing testosterone not only helps you build muscle, but it also helps you burn body fat as well. Testosterone also increases your resting metabolic rate, which helps you burn fat even when you are sitting down and relaxing.

Tip #3: CARDIO. Many guys don’t like cardio, it is just something you have to do. The best way to burn body fat is with intense short cardio sprints, not long distance steady-state cardio. H.I.I.T – High Intensity Interval Training is a great form of cardio that will help you get great results when trying to burn body fat. When doing high intensity cardio, go hard for 20 seconds then rest for 40 seconds.

Tip #4: AVOID LAZINESS. That is something as simple as parking your car a little farther away in the parking lot, or walking when golfing instead of using a golf cart. Taking the stairs instead of using the elevator. There are small changes you can make in your daily life to help stay active and avoid laziness.

Now for my personal trick to get abs. When it comes to nutrition, here is my secret. If there are foods you crave like cheese and crackers which can be high in calories, just don’t bring it in the house. If you don’t have it at home, you can’t eat it!

Tip #5: NUTRITION. Nutrition is about 70% of getting your six pack, maybe even higher. If you are eating poorly or eating way too many calories, you are not going to have a 6 pack that shows. You have complete control of what food you put in your body, but nutrition is also one of the most difficult things to get right and be consistent with.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the fastest way to get 6 pack abs for men over 40. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to get back in shape for men after 40.

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