FULL BODY CHALLENGE (HIIT Your Breaking Point!!)

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This intense full body challenge has the best total body exercises to hit everything from head to toe. In this full body at home workout, there are only 4 exercises but they will literally work everything from legs and lower body to arms and upper body and abs. Plus, you’ll burn loads of fat in this total body strength workout thanks to very little rest and lots of plyometric work.

This is a total body HIIT challenge, and while it gets harder as time goes on, your required reps will decrease with each round. If you’ve never tried the exercises in this full body at home workout, give them a try before you attempt the complete total body HIIT workout.

There are 4 HIIT exercises in this total body challenge. In the first round of this full body HIIT workout, you do 20 reps of each of the exercises. In the second round of the total body HIIT workout you’ll do 15 reps, 10 reps in the 3rd round and 5 reps in the 4th round.

The first exercise in this at home workout is a Weighted Step Up Burpee which works lower body, upper body and will boost your heart rate. The second exercise in this full body workout is a Single Single Double Press which hits shoulders and arms. The third exercise in this home workout is a Jump Squat/Long Leap/180 Turnaround which targets lower body and boosts the heart rate once again. Finally the last exercise in our total body challenge is a Side to Side V-Up which blasts your abs. As you can see, this total body HIIT workout hits it all, literally!

If you’re a beginner you may not be able to finish the entire intense full body challenge, but give it your best shot. If you’re more advanced, you can try to do 2 rounds of this full body at home workout.

Here are the exercises that make up this HIIT routine:

1. Weighted Step Up Burpee
2. Single Single Double Press
3. Jump Squat / Long Leap / 180 Turnaround
4. Side to Side V-Up

1st round – 20 reps
2nd round – 15 reps
3rd round – 10 reps
4th round – 5 reps

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