How To Do More Pull Ups For Beginners (Pull Ups Made Easier!)

Date: 2019-12-29 15:40:42

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Listen guys…Are you having a hard time doing pullups? Do you avoid doing them at the gym because you’re embarrassed by how little pullups you can do.

If you are struggling to do pullups, or you can’t do any at all, make sure to watch this video to get some tips.

Pullups is an exercise you should incorporate into your weekly routine because it has tremendous benefits, is really going to work your whole back, and you should be able to pull up your own body weight.

Now, here are some tips to get you well on your way to doing several pullups.

The first thing you want to focus on is grip strength. One exercise you can do to build grip strength is Dead Hangs. You’re literally just going to hang on the bar for 10 seconds with all your weight. Aim for 3 sets of 10 seconds hangs. Try to progress, the goal is to gradually increase the amount of time you can hang from the bar.

Another exercise you can do is Dumbbell Holds. Grab dumbbells as heavy as you can hold, and you are going to do the same type of sequence.

The next exercise is Plate Holds. Use 45 lb. plates, and this is going to help finger strength as well. You are going to do these 3 things exercises to focus on increasing your grip strength.

The next exercise you are going to do is 5 second negatives. You can use a bench to get you above the bar, hold that position, and slowly bring yourself down.

After that, you are going to do Assisted Pull ups with a band, or you can use the assisted pull up machine at the gym if they have one. That will help offset your weight, so that you can build your way up gradually.

Do these things and you will be on your way to doing more Pull ups!

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