Big Chest Workout Mistakes (SKINNY GUYS!)

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When it comes to building a big chest, there are a few mistakes and disadvantages that are common occurrence for skinny guys in their chest workouts. In this video, I am bringing in our resident hardgainer, Jesse, to show you what those disadvantages and mistakes are, as well as how to address them. These chest workout mistakes are not limited to skinny guys only and I think anyone will be able to take something away from this video.

To start, we need to take a look at the anatomy of a skinny guy and how that relates to the mistakes that skinny guys make when trying to build a big chest. Skinny guys are often cursed with long lanky arms, which is a disadvantage when it comes to bench pressing, in comparison to shorter, stockier guys as the weight has further to travel. Skinny guys also have a naturally shallow chest, which means that when they bench press, the range of motion is increased yet again. With these anatomical features, there are compensations that come along for the ride that prevent skinny guys from building big chests.

When it comes to skinny guys building a big chest, we have to realize that there is no changing the anatomy of their bodies. However, with a few tweaks, they can make a world of difference in their chest workout. This particular issue presents itself with the long, lanky arms. While they cannot be physically shortened, they can be relatively shortened so that the weight does not have to travel as far.

One mistake a skinny guy makes in their chest workout is that they do not create enough of an arch when they bench press. By creating an arch, which is safe in the performance of a bench press, the shoulders are placed down and back, opening the chest and making it broader. This arched position is actually safe for the shoulders as it begins to mirror the mechanics of a decline bench press (a very safe position of the shoulders when it comes to benching). This arch also allows for a shorter travel of the weight through the range of motion in the bench press which means more weight can be used.

Another mistake that is common amongst skinny guys trying to build a big chest is allowing the compensations, due to their anatomy, to take hold of the bench press. Because of the long arms and shallow chest leading to further travel of the weight, to get the weight all the way to the top, they find themselves leading with their shoulders. I’ve said time and again, to build a big chest, you need to lead the exercise with your pecs, not your delts. It is also common to shortchange the reps as well. To address this problem, skinny guys should incorporate alternating dumbbell bench pressing with an isometric hold at the bottom of the rep (as opposed to the top) as it will increase the time under tension for the pecs. I also recommend using a heavier weight as accelerating the dumbbells to easily can again lead to the shoulder taking over the exercise instead of the pecs, which would diminish the opportunity to grow a bigger chest.

Next time you are doing a chest workout, keep these mistakes and tips in mind, even if you aren’t a skinny guy. To build a big chest, it’s important to not only know what exercises to do, but HOW and WHY they are performed. If you want to get a bigger chest and build ripped, athletic muscle, make sure you clock the link below and use the program selector to help you find the program that matches your current training goals. By putting the how and why back into your training, I’ll help you achieve your best results ever over the next 90 days.

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