How To Improve Sleep Quality For More Testosterone!

Date: 2020-04-03 19:27:25

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Boost your testosterone TONIGHT:

Guys.. I want to tell you how to naturally increase testosterone by getting better quality sleep. In other videos, I have told you why testosterone is so important, especially for us older guys. This video is focused on how to increase testosterone with better quality sleep and more sleep.

Most of your testosterone is produced when you sleep. If you are getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night, you are messing up your body’s ability to recover and produce more testosterone.

I am going to give you some ideas, some may be straight forward, and others may be new to you. Let’s get to the first tip on how to improve your sleep quality for more testosterone.

Tip 1… YOU NEED TO HAVE A SCHEDULE. Try to go to bed at roughly the same time every night, and wake up roughly the same time every morning. When your body is on a cycle, your body will tend to function better.

Tip 2… MAKE YOUR ROOM AS DARK AS POSSIBLE. It doesn’t matter if your eyes are closed, light penetrates your eyelids. When your eyes sense light coming in, it prevents you from getting restful deep sleep. It will be hard for you to reach REM sleep. So, make sure to have your room as dark as possible to hit REM sleep.

Tip 3… EXERCISE MORE. You have aerobic exercise and you have weight lifting. I get it, a lot of times you aren’t able to do both. If you can’t do both that is fine. Studies show that weight training is actually more beneficial to getting good sleep at night than aerobic exercise.

Tip 4… NUTRITION. Try to get in a little bit of saturated fats a couple hours before you go to bed. Your body needs to have that because your body needs it to increase the good kind of cholesterol. That will help your body produce testosterone.

Tip 5… ROOM TEMPERATURE. Studies show that when the temperature is low, between 64-70 degrees, your body becomes slightly more efficient at producing testosterone. Also, when your body is cold, it has to work to warm your body, which means you also burn calories in your sleep.

Tip 6… DE-STRESSING. Stretching is a good way to relieve stress before going to bed. Stop thinking about work and all the things you need to do. You need to find a way to wind down an hour or two before going to bed. Physically and mentally destress before going to bed.

Tip 7… SHUT OFF ELECTRONICS. Stop watching tv and being on your phone before going to bed. Blue light makes your body think that you’re outside or makes it feel like there is sunlight. Now onto the last thing.

Tip 8… BACKGROUND NOISE. Try to get some white noise going when you are sleeping. There are apps you can get to put on a noise next to your bed when you are trying to sleep. Using a fan when you sleep, help keep you cool, and is a great white noise to help you sleep better.

Well guys that wraps up this video tutorial for how to improve your sleep for more testosterone.

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