Plank Variations to GET STRONGER ABS (Beginner to Advanced)

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If you’re looking to get stronger abs, or you want to know how to get a six pack, a plank is an exercise you don’t want to overlook. However, the normal plank exercise is often either too difficult for beginners, or not difficult enough for advance. This plank workout will solve that problem by giving you various plank variations that will challenge stabilization, movement and metabolic arenas. You’ll work all the abdominals and obliques and you’ll learn how to plank in several different ways.

There are 9 total different types of planks in this abs and obliques workout. If you are a beginner try the ab exercises labeled beginners. If you’re intermediate and you want a plank challenge, check out the intermediate abs workout I’ve laid out here. If you are more advanced do the advanced ab workout to get six pack abs.

Regardless of whether you’re doing our beginner ab workout, our intermediate abs workout or our advanced abs workout, make sure you are challenging yourself and give each of these abs exercises a try before attempting the complete plank workout.

Here are the exercises that make up this workout for abs:

1) Stabilization
Beginners – Bird Dog
Intermediate – Elbow Alternating Bird Dog
Advanced – Toe Tap Alternating Superman

2) Movement and Stabilization
Beginners – See Saws
Intermediate – Seal Walks
Advanced – One Leg Seal Walks

3) Metabolic
Beginners – Elbow Leg Raise
Intermediate – Plank Jack
Advanced – Plank Jack Hydraulic

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