Target Your Side Booty (GLUTE MEDIUS FOCUS)

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This side butt workout contains some of the best side booty exercises to help you learn how to get rid of hip dips and grow your side glutes. If you’re trying to hit that glute medius, it’s important to target it with specific side but exercises and that’s exactly what this hip dips workout will help you do. Add one of two of these hip exercises into every butt workout and you’ll get rid of hip dips in no time.
This side butt routine contains just 3 hip dips exercises that can be part of your side booty workout at home. This is a great round butt workout because it will help you to hit that side butt. For each of the side booty exercises you’ll want to do 10 reps per side before moving on to the next of the side butt exercises in this routine. If you’re a beginner try to do 1-2 rounds of these butt exercises. If you’re more advanced you can try for 3-4 rounds of this routine to grow your side glutes.

Here are the side booty exercises that make up this glutes workout:

1) Curtsy Lunge
2) Fire Hydrants
3) Rainbows

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