The DUMBEST Pushup Youll Ever See!!

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You have likely done lots of pushups if you watch this channel, but likely none more stupid than the ones you’re about to do after seeing this. Introducing, Jesse’s stupid pushup challenge. After a lots of thought and consideration, Jesse has jumped on the youtube fitness challenge bandwagon and decided to come up with his own test of strength and fortitude.

The rules of this pushup variation are pretty simple. You set up an Olympic Bar at the end of a bench, with the knurling centered so that the bar is balanced. One person gets on one side of the bar and the other gets on the other side. Be sure that if you have a weight discrepancy between the two people that you make the necessary adjustments to keep the bar equally balanced. For example, the heavier person would come slightly closer to the center of the bar than the lighter person.

From here, you alternate pushups. Keep in mind, you won’t only be working during the pushups but will find that you also have to forcefully push down hard to keep the bar from tilting up when your partner descends into their pushup.

The challenge is over when one person can no longer do push-ups and is determined to be the loser.

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