The PERFECT Home Chest Workout (Sets and Reps Included)

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If you are going to do a home chest workout to build a bigger chest then you better make sure it’s as close to perfect as possible. In this video, I’m going to show you the perfect home chest workout to work your entire chest from top to bottom, putting the latest in sports training science behind the exercise selections. Make no mistake, training at home does not have to be a compromise. I’ll show you how to build bigger pecs regardless of whether you have a gym membership or not.

To start, you have to cover a bit of the anatomy of the chest to better understand your workout attack plan. The chest has two distinct portions with separate nerve innervation. These are the upper or clavicular area and the lower or sternal area. The lower portion is actually comprised of two distinct zones as well that can be influenced a bit further by the direction that you move the arms in space and the fibers that get placed at a better mechanical advantage. The bottom most portion of the chest, the abdominal head, is something that therefore can be hit better with some chest exercises than others and will be considered in this perfect chest workout.

We start with the first exercise combination of an archer pushup supersetted with a banded crossover horizontal to midline. The key to most bodyweight exercises done at home is to make sure that you are training them with enough intensity to cause muscle growth. The best way to ensure this is to take these both to failure. Too often, when people prescribe rep counts on bodyweight exercises they fail to take into consideration the dramatically different strength levels different people may have. By prescribing the exercise to failure, we equalize these discrepancies and ensure max effort.

Next, we want to do a second middle chest exercise, this time it’s the banded pushup. The difference between the two exercises is that the archer pushup has a strength curve that places the majority of the tension overload on the chest in the bottom most position of the rep (like the bottom of a bench press) while the banded pushup flips the strength curve to be most difficult at the top with the added tension of the band. Here again, you want to superset that first exercise with another banded crossover done horizontally to get the workout started. In each case you would want to do 3-4 sets of the combos in the first two chest exercises in this workout.

We move onto the third exercise in the perfect chest workout and this time we want to hit the upper chest. To do this we actually want to place our body on a decline, as with the decline wall pushups, in order to change the orientation of the arms in relation to the body. By doing this, we get an arm that is relatively higher than our torso (as it would be doing an incline bench press if we had one) and this will recruit the clavicular fibers the best). Superset this again with a crossover but this time take the band in a low to high path to really target the upper chest the most.

Next, we have to hit the abdominal head or lower chest fibers. The best way to do this is by switching rooms in the house for this home chest workout and find a corner of your kitchen counter to do dips. Now you may not have this as an option but that doesn’t mean that you are out of options. Instead, you can do the incline pushup off a bed and choose either the easier plyo clap version or the behind the back version which requires more strength. Once again you want to take this to failure and then superset it with a crossover with a band – this time high to low.

Finally, we end the workout with an alternating twisting pushup. This is a killer finisher and helps to create relative adduction of the arms across the chest by twisting the torso into the arm rather than bringing the arm across the chest. The effect is the same and the burn it creates to end this perfect workout is the final icing on the cake.

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