GLUTE STRENGTH TEST (Plus Best Activation Exercises!!)

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Got weak glutes? If you’re not sure you’ve got strong glutes, this glute strength test is an easy way to help you determine if it’s time to work on exercises for weak glutes. After this simple test of your glute activation, we’ll give you some of the best glute isolation exercises to strengthen your booty muscles and ultimately help you improve posture and grow your glutes.

The exercises in this glute isolation workout are perfect to do before your regular glute workouts to help you isolation the glutes and get glutes activation. Following these exercises for glutes, you can start with your regular glute workout. Every day you should also practice the hip flexor stretch to make sure tight hip flexors aren’t furthering your issue of weak glute muscles.

Here are the glute isolation exercises in this home workout:

1) Hip Extension
2) Single Leg Glute Bridge
3) Clamshells
4) Hip Flexor Stretch

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