10 Minute Abs (HARD CORE BURN!)

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This 10 minute abs routine is a super challenging womens ab workout that you can do from home with very little equipment. It’s a 10 minute abs workout, but you’ll be ready for it to end long before it does! These abs exercises will hit upper abs, lower abs and obliques and is the best home ab workout for your abs workout program.

For this 10 minute abs workout, there are 5 exercises. You’ll do each exercise for 1 min or 30 seconds per side, taking no rest before you move on to the next ab exercise in this womens abs workout. Once you finish the 5 abs exercises, you’ll do a second round for a total of a 10 min abs workout. If you’ve never tried the moves in this 10 minute abs and obliques routine, give them a try before attempting the complete home ab workout.

Here are the exercises that make up this womens ab workout:

1) 1 Leg Runner
2) Butterfly Situp
3) Alternating Kickup
4) 1 Arm Plank
5) Plank Jacks

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