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This inner thigh workout will help you get slim inner thighs using the very best inner thigh exercises to target that thigh gap area. This leg workout for women contains 5 exercises. We’ll explain how to do this inner thigh isolation routine below, and trust us, it will give you the best inner thigh burn ever!
Some women may ask whether these moves can help get rid of inner thigh fat. The truth is, you can’t spot reduce inner thigh fat using exercises. Instead you’ll need to burn overall bodyfat using nutrition and cardio exercise.

For each of the inner thighs exercises in this leg workout, you’ll be doing 30 seconds of work followed by 20 to 30 seconds of rest. If you are a beginner, shoot for 1-2 rounds of this leg workout for women. If you’re more advanced try to do 3-4 rounds of this womens leg workout.

Below are the leg exercises that make up this thigh workout:

1) Plate Plie Squat
2) Front Swing Curtsy Squat
3) Sumo Air Squat
4) Plie Jumps
5) Swiss Ball Squeeze

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