Calf Workout for Women (STRONG SLIM CALVES)

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The best calf workout for women can be found in our MAX/Shred program

This calf workout has 5 great calves exercises that you can add to your leg workout. Some people who want to know how to get slim calves don’t do calves exercises at all because they are afraid their calves will get too big. However this isn’t the case. If you want to know how to slim calves, you should employ the best calf exercises because muscles in the lower legs actually help the calves to look slimmer and more streamlined.

The best part about these calf exercises is that you can add them to your calf workouts at home. The moves in this calves workout for women require very little equipment or no equipment at all. All you’ll need for this home calf workout is a weight of some kind and a jump rope. If you don’t have weights you can just grab something heavy for these home calf exercises. If you don’t have a jump rope, you can still do this calf workout for women by simply jumping in place.

If you’re a beginner try to do 1-2 rounds of these best calf exercises. If you’re more advanced, do this slim calves workout 3-4 times through. Here are the home calf exercises that make up this slim calves workout for women:

1) Double Leg Calf Raise
2) 1 Leg Calf Raise
3) Plie Raise w/Hold
4) Seated Calf Raise
5) Jump Rope

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