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The best obliques workout can be found in our MAX/Shred program

Some people want to know how to lose love handles but they’re afraid of obliques training. Many people think that oblique workouts will make your abs look bulky or boxy but that’s not the case. Sometimes what you may have thought were ‘wide’ abs or obliques caused by doing to many obliques exercises is just excess bodyfat in that area that needs to be reduced through nutrition and cardio before your actual obliques will become visible.

As a matter of fact, doing the best oblique exercises will help frame and give a complete look to your abs. However it’s important to reiterate that if you’ve got love handles, no amount of obliques exercises will make them disappear. Once again, it’s important to remember that you have to burn bodyfat overall if you want your obliques workouts to result in visible abs and obliques. However, obliques exercises can be helpful in supporting core and back, and once the fat comes off, they’ll look great too.

In this abs workout we’ll give you the 5 best obliques exercises. You can do this home oblique workout 1-2 times per week or choose oblique exercises from it to include in your regular abs routine. If you are doing this as a complete oblique workout, and you’re a beginner, try to do 1-2 rounds of these exercises. If you are more advanced, shoot for 3-4 rounds of these exercises.

Here are the home oblique exercises that make up this workout:

1) Side Planks
2) Side Plank with Dips
3) Oblique Crunch Variation
4) Side Reaches
5) Side Plank Leg Raise

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