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The best back exercises can be found in our MAX/Shred program

Ever wanted to use the lat pulldown machine but not sure what the best grip is for you? This lat pulldown machine tutorial will show you how to hit all of the back muscles including teres major and teres major using 3 different types of lat pulldowns.

All of these back exercises will hit the lats slightly differently, so all of them are great to include in your regular back workouts. The first is a wide grip lat pulldown, but the handles on the lat pulldown machine are really too wide for most women. Instead of gripping at the ends, take a wide grip that is comfortable for you for this lat pulldown exercise.

The next lat pull down in this workout for back is a reverse grip lat pulldown. This is one of the best back exercises for the middle of the back. Take a very slight arch in your back and pull the bar to the middle of your chest.
The last lat pulldown exercise variation is the single arm lat pulldown. This is one of the best lats exercises to grow your lats because you are working each side one at a time. This lats exercise is done using a d-handle on the lat pulldown machine.

Give these exercises for back a try in your next workout and see how they go for you!

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