10 Minute Dumbbell Workout For Beginners At Home (TOTAL BODY!)

Date: 2020-09-25 01:37:31

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10 Minute Dumbbell Workout For Beginners At Home… https://www.liveanabolic.com

Working out at home is becoming the BIG THING, especially with some gyms still being closed. So today, I am going to give you an amazing 10 minute dumbbell workout for beginners at home. This workout is going to work your entire body. Go through these exercises without any rest in between, and I want you to go for 2 rounds of these exercises. If you do need a break, rest for 30 seconds after each exercise. You are going to aim for 12-15 reps of each exercise in this at home workout. Let’s get started with the exercises in this 10 minute dumbbell workout for beginners at home.

Exercise #1: BODYWEIGHT SQUATS. Take these squats as deep as you can. Slow controlled reps are important when doing these exercises to get the best results. This exercise is great to start off with because it warms up your hips and knees.
Exercise #2: GOBLET SQUAT. Keep the dumbbell as close to your body as possible. Also, keep your shoulders back and make sure to hinge at the hips.
Exercise #3: DUMBBELL FLOOR PRESS. As a beginner you can lack range of motion in your shoulders. This exercise works great because the floor limits your range of motion as opposed to if you did this exercise on a bench. This will help protect your shoulders from getting strained. Rotate your hands in slightly, don’t have them straight as if you were using a barbell.
Exercise #4: UNILATERAL DUMBBELL ROW. Use your opposite arm to support your lower back and prevent it from getting strained.
Exercise #5: UNILATERAL SHOULDER PRESS. Keep your shoulders square, keep your core tight, and focus on pressing up. Keep your hands facing inward to make the movement more natural for your shoulders.
Exercise #6: CLOSE-GRIP BICEP CURLS. Keep your back straight and your chest out. You want your upper arm to be in a fixed position because you don’t want to use momentum in this exercise. You want to focus on just using your biceps to get the best results.
Exercise #7: DUMBBELL SKULL CRUSHER. Started off with your arms straight, and the dumbbells behind your head. That is already going to put tension on your biceps before you even start the exercise.
Exercise #8: LYING LEG RAISES. If you have your hands behind your head, just make sure not to pull your head forward. Focus on rotating your hips to work your whole core in this exercise.

Well guys..that wraps up this video tutorial with a great 10 minute dumbbell workout for beginners at home. Focus on utilizing good form and slow reps to get the best results in this home workout. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to get ripped and build muscle at home.



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