3 WORST Cardio Mistakes That Slow Weight Loss (AVOID THIS!)

Date: 2020-10-04 21:55:18

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3 Worst Cardio Mistakes That Slow Weight Loss… https://www.liveanabolic.com

Guys.. you may not even know it, but you may be making cardio mistakes that are slowing your weight loss or fat loss. You might be thinking, well its cardio…how can it prevent me from losing weight and burning fat? Well in this video I am going to explain the 3 worst cardio mistakes that slow weight loss. Let’s get started with the 3 mistakes people tend to make when trying to lose weight and burn fat.

Mistake #1… TOO MUCH CARDIO. Especially if you are just getting started, you want to start slowly. Go ahead and start off slow when it comes to cardio. Make sure to focus on your caloric deficit to really help you on your weight loss journey, which will also help you burn more fat when you are resistance training. When you do too much cardio right from the start, your body will adapt..because of that your body will not lose weight and burn fat as efficiently over time. I recommend doing cardio twice a week, and will continue to get great results week after week. You want to progress to your end goal.
Mistake #2… WRONG CARDIO. When you are doing cardio that is more than 30 minutes, you will not burn as many calories and fat. Doing sprints or HIIT cardio is a great way to burn fat and lose weight in less time, it will also help increase your metabolism and help you get better results.
Mistake #3… YOU NEED MORE INTENSITY. Not only do you want to do more intense cardio, but you want to do the right kind of cardio. Sprinting intervals on a bike or treadmill works well. You want the intensity to be at a point where you can’t really have conversation with someone next to you at the gym because that means it is not intense enough. Try to do high intensity cardio a couple times a week, and work your way up to a few times a week.

There are many things that go into losing weight and burning fat. The cardio that we talked about is important, but so is nutrition and adding resistance training into your workout routines. We have so many other great videos that show how to focus on your nutrition, and we have a lot of videos on how to resistance train property to muscle and get ripped.

Well guys, that wraps up this video tutorial on the 3 worst cardio mistakes that slow weight loss. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle and lose weight at the same time.



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