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If you are a man over 40, this video is very important for you and your workouts. The last thing you want is an injury, especially when it could have been avoided. That is why I am going to give you the 5 worst exercises for men over 40, so make sure to avoid these at all costs. I am also going to give you some exercises and variations you can do instead that are better for your joints. Let’s get started with the exercises men over 40 need to stay away from.

Exercise #1: BEHIND THE NECK LAT PULLDOWN. Doing it behind your neck puts your shoulders in a vulnerable position, affecting your joints and your neck. Both from hitting your neck with the bar, and pushing your head forward to get the bar behind your head.

An exercise you can do instead is use dual handles with a neutral grip, which will keep your joints safer. You can also use a v-bar as well, instead of a straight bar. Retract your shoulders blades and lead with your elbows. Get a big stretch and control the weight on the way back up.

Exercise #2: BARBELL UPRIGHT ROWS. This is a horrible exercise for all men, not just men over 40. When you bring the barbell up, your elbows, wrists and shoulders are in a terrible compromised position for injury.

Instead, use dumbbells because they allow for a safer and more natural movement. You want to lead with the elbow by going out and up slightly. It is a small movement and your elbows should be below your shoulders at the top of the movement. Control the weight on the way down, don’t just drop the weight.

Exercise #3: BENCH DIPS. Your hands typically start right under your glutes then you start lowering your body. Your shoulders are put in such an unnatural position, and it will even cause some pain in your shoulders during the exercise. This exercise is supposed to work your triceps, and there is a better way to do that without damaging your shoulder joints.

An exercise you want to do instead is a CLOSE-GRIP BENCH PUSHUP. You want your hands to be close together and rotate your elbows inward. You want your elbows to touch your body on the way down. This is a lot safer and works your triceps just as well.

Exercise #4: BEHIND THE NECK SHOULDER PRESS. This is an exercise that has been around for a long time, that is brutal on your shoulder joints. Your elbows, wrists, and shoulders are all pushing back in an unnatural position.

Instead, go to the front and upper chest. Bring it to chin level and press back up. If you have bad mobility and you can only go to your nose, that is okay. It is safer because your elbows and shoulders are slightly in front now.

Exercise #5: SIT-UPS. This exercise does not target your abs very well. It is hard on your lower back, and your hip flexors are targeted in this movement. Also, if you have your hands behind your head, you typically pull your head forward, which is terrible for your neck.

Instead, use a bench and sit on the bench. Use your hands on the bench for support. Kick your legs out then bring your knees up to your chest. Your knees are coming up and your chest is going forward for the crunch movement.

Alright guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with the 5 worst exercises for men over 40, so stay away from these. Try doing the alternate forms and exercises instead for good results, while keeping your joints safe. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to build muscle quickly and get ripped this year.

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