Brutal Lower Ab Workout 6 Minutes (FOLLOW ALONG!)

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If you want to get six pack abs you may think that you have to spend hours a day trying to get them. That is not the case at all. If you are able to commit to a consistent but short effort you will be amazed at how much better your abs could look in a short period of time when combined with a focused attention to what you are eating as well.

In this video, I have a short 6 minute lower ab workout for you to do along with me. As you will see and feel, an ab workout does not have to be long to be effective. As a matter of fact, I would probably say that the longer the ab workout goes, the less effective it becomes. The key to this working is that it is short enough to allow you to do it consistently without having to fight to schedule it into your normal routine.

Remember, the key to getting six pack abs is consistency. Now, don’t think that just because you might be doing the same set of exercises that it is becoming less effective. It is not. The choice of ab exercises in this workout is broad enough so as to cover the major functions of the lower abs. There are bottom up movements that better are better able to influence lower ab muscle fiber recruitment while still including rotation which will train the core as it is meant to be.

The point of this video is to give you a follow along lower ab workout that you can do anywhere. There are no special pieces of equipment needed to do this. All you need is your body and some space on the floor. You might actually need a bit more than that, and that would be a heavy dose of determination to try and resist the burn of these exercises as you do them. Remember, the pain from ab training is usually only temporary. As soon as finish the exercise and the lactic acid starts to clear the abdominal muscles, you feel normal again.

See if you can follow the entire lower ab workout along with me, resting when I do. If you need extra rest for some reason, don’t be bashful – take it. Maybe you can only do 45 seconds of one of the 60 second exercises. That’s ok, do what you can and rest for the remainder of that exercise. As you get stronger on these you will be able to do the whole thing without extra rest. Here is the ab workout as follows:

Figure this 8’s x 30 seconds
Hands Back Raises x 60 seconds
Twisting Pistons x 60 seconds
Rest 30 seconds
Seated Ab Circles CW x 60 seconds
Seated Ab Circles CCW x 60 seconds
Scissor V Ups x 30 seconds
21 Crunch x 30 seconds

So there is a lower ab workout you can do at home with no equipment that will get you started on getting that six pack you’ve always wanted. If you want to speed up the process you will want to make sure your diet is in place as well. If you want a step by step meal plan to get you ripped fast, head to http:/ and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System.

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