Business, Mindset & Relationships with Heba Ali

Date: 2022-05-03 16:15:45

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Recovery day involving ice baths, yoga and getting to know the founder of Evolve Nation – @Heba Ali

0:00 Intro
1:10 Pre ice bath dunk
4:28 What is Evolve Nation?
6:23 How I source the products for THRST
7:27 The downsides of running a business
9:00 Building the THRST brand
10:32 The challenges of growing up in the Middle East
13:09 Life with an identical twin
16:45 Yoga session
19:10 How to create good habits
21:04 How to fall asleep quickly
22:11 Unlock the power of your mind
24:03 Thoughts on bodybuilding and competing
27:43 What women find attractive in men
29:02 What we have learned about relationships
33:03 Do entrepreneurs have time for relationships?
37:53 Outro


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» Filmed & Edited by @Kristaps Kukainis

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