Elbow Pain When Lifting? (THIS STOPS IT!)

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Stop Elbow Pain When You Lift – Do you ever get stabbing elbow pain when you lift weights or whenever you’re doing a chinup, row, curl or cable pulling exercise? If so, it’s the Flexor Digitorum Superficialis that is the issue.

Don’t worry…you don’t need to know how to say it, you just need to know how to fix it!

This muscle’s attachment at the elbow gets easily overloaded and inflamed by gripping too far out into the fingers.

Relieve this stress by putting the bar deeper into your palm on all of those exercises.

Stretching this muscle will also help it’s recovery, but make sure you’re doing that right too.

Simply bending the wrist back to stretch the forearm is not enough. In order to hit THIS muscle, you’re going to have to bend your fingers back as well.

Make these two quick changes and you can get back to making gains…without the pains.

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