How to Fix a Headache in 90 Seconds Flat! (JUST DO THIS)

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If you ever wondered how to fix a headache fast, then this is the video for you. Whether your head is throbbing right now or you want to be sure you have something you can do the next time it is, you are going to want to watch this simple technique and learn the 4 easy steps for getting rid of a headache fast.

All it takes to do this is a lacrosse ball or similarly small firm object that you can place on a definitive location of pain.

First thing you need to do is feel around in your traps (trapezius muscle) on both sides and see if there is a defined area of pain when you touch it. It often times will be located in the middle of your shoulder and ear and can even feel like a small ball or knot. These are called trigger points. This can occur often if you have traps imbalances that occur from an unaddressed imbalance in your workout routine or simply from sitting at work all day at a computer.

Once you have located this area of tightness you want to take the lacrosse ball and lay back on it, attempting to place the ball exactly on this tender area. The pain that you feel from laying on the ball should be quite high, but at the same time it should almost feel like a good pain. It should feel similar to when getting a massage on a muscle that is tight but you know needs a good stretch.

From here, the goal is to figure out how to place that muscle in its shortened position, or in a position of ease. This is derived from the Strain / Counterstrain concept developed by Jones. So with the upper traps, we know that they can side bend towards the same side and rotate the head to the opposite side.

We will mimic those actions passively by performing them on the floor where the muscles can relax once we have gotten into those positions.

With both of these done, there are only two things left to do.

First, you want to now reach the arm on the same side of the trap that you are releasing, up overhead. Use the opposite arm to hold the elbow in place and again make sure that you are passively supporting this position rather than having to actively lift the arm to get there. Be sure to post up on the elbow to ensure that the arm is high enough overhead to really put the traps muscle in a relaxed position.

All this time you want to make sure that the ball has not rolled out or repositioned itself off of the sore spot. If it has, simply roll slightly back into position where the ball is directly positioned on the sorest spot of your traps.

Lastly, with the knee bent and foot flat on the floor on the leg opposite the side you’re treating, you want to press your heel into the ground to lift your butt up into a bridge. This position will now be held for 90 seconds. After doing this, you will sit up slowly and move your head back and forth a few times to allow the body to reset.

If your headache persists, it is possible that you have tightness or trigger points present in the other trap as well. If so, simply repeat the procedure on the opposite side and the entire fix will take just 3 minutes rather than 90 seconds.

To recap here are the steps to get rid of a headache fast:

1. Lie on the floor on your back
2. Place the leg on the same side you are treating out to the side and let it rest.
3. Place the leg on the opposite side you are treating in a bent knee position with the foot flat on the floor.
4. Place a lacrosse ball directly under the sorest point to touch on the trap muscle you are treating.
5. Side bend your head on the side you are treating, bringing your ear towards your shoulder.
6. Slightly rotate your head to the opposite side you are treating so as to be able to look at the ceiling.
7. Bring the arm up overhead on the side you are treating, and use the opposite arm to support that arm under the elbow. Make sure this position is held passively and not actively.
8. Finally, bridge up on that foot on the opposite side to intensify the pressure on the trigger point by driving your body harder down into the ball.
9. Hold this position for 90 seconds and wait for the release.
10. Repeat on the opposite side if the headache does not relieve.

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