How To Lose Weight WITHOUT Counting Calories Or Macros

Date: 2020-05-17 22:25:04

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Are you tired of counting calories, and you are trying to lose weight? Lose your frustration with these tips I’m about to give you to lose weight without counting calories or macros.

Majority of the people trying to lose weight do not need to count calories. So, here are a few strategies to help you lose weight.

Tip #1… INTERMITTENT FASTING. You just need to eliminate a breakfast meal, and stop eating at around 8:00pm. You don’t have as much time in the day to eat a lot of calories. You are going to create a natural caloric deficit by doing this. I recommend 3 meals in your eating window to help you lose weight.

Tip #2… CARB-CYCLING. This paired with intermittent fasting is going to help you get results even quicker. It is very important as to when you eat certain carbs throughout your week.

Tip #3… RESISTANCE TRAINING. On the days you are resistance training you are going to have proteins, essential fats, and complex carbs. With complex carbs, you want to try and have the gluten free carbs. Rice, quinoa, potatoes, and so many other good sources of gluten free complex carbs. Fibrous carbs you can eat every single day, those will be your veggies.

The days you don’t have a resistance training workout, you do not want to have complex carbs on those days. You will still do intermittent fasting, just eat lean protein, fibrous carbs, and have essential fats.

Tip #4… DRINK WATER. I recommend drinking a glass of water, prior to eating your meal. This will help keep you full, so you are not going to want to overeat.

Another tip when you are eating and you have your food in front of you. Start eating the protein and the fibrous carbs first. Don’t go straight into the complex carbs. This will also help you to avoid overeating.

If you do these things, I promise you that you are going to lose weight without counting calories. I know you might have a busy lifestyle, so this method will be good for you.

Well guys, that wraps up this video tutorial with how to lose weight without counting calories and macros. Make sure to subscribe to our channel for more videos on how to lose weight and build muscle:

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