How to Shop the Jerky Section and Stay on Your Diet

Date: 2019-11-22 20:58:22

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How to Shop the Jerky Section and Stay on Your Diet – Thomas DeLauer

Quick tips for shopping the beef jerky section healthily and properly, whether you’re keto or not. So we’re at a really simple Walmart Neighborhood Market. This just works as a general substitute for any grocery store. And I figured it’s a great place to show you where you can find the healthier kinds of beef jerky.

Now there’s a lot of different things that we can point out, a lot of different things we can pick apart, but the options are going to be somewhat limited at a Walmart. But I still want to show you the simple things to look for, so that when you go into a grocery store you can get the highest quality beef jerky, turkey jerky, salmon jerky, whatever. So you know exactly what you’re putting in your body and you get the utmost results. So let’s head on in and take a look, and hopefully not get kicked out.

Well, it turns out when zonulin releases, it triggers a cascade of immunological responses within the body that elevate additional antibodies. So basically in an effort to combat the zonulin, the body elevates the same antibodies that would attack your body in the case of specific illnesses, which just so happened to affect your thyroid. So what this means is that when you’re consuming soy, even in tiny, tiny amounts, for a long period of time after that, it affects your thyroid and can actually slow your thyroid down.

These larger food particles end up being basically foreign invaders to the body, as far as the body’s concerned. So when these foreign invaders come in, what happens?

White blood cells and the immune system attack them, which also makes your immune system attack your brain, attack everything else. So you have inflammation everywhere. You end up getting these issues, makes you feel sick. So sugar and the soy. So we just got to be careful with the budget ones.

So, perfect example is if you go to a buffet, and you just feel like the food just is hitting the spot, so good, more than normal. Well that’s because what MSG does is it lights up the glutamate side of your brain. And the glutamate side of your brain makes you feel like something tastes better than it is.

So this is a bad sign. Whenever you see MSG, you would usually think that they’re trying to hide something. So you might be wondering like, “Okay, you’re telling me all this stuff to avoid. What can I eat?”

So when we have this and we have that mechanically separated chicken, huge red flag. Okay? And most beef sticks have that. So be careful. But also textured soy flour, then corn syrup. Really nasty stuff in this, really nasty. And let’s take a look at Walmart brand just to get an idea. A Great Value brand.

Yep. Same thing. Beef, pork, mechanically separated chicken. Most snack sticks, you just need to stay away from. What’s this one? This one looks a little better. Let’s see. Nope. Turkey, mechanically separated turkey. That’s what gives it… like chicken nugget. You can see the grossness in that. You’re almost better off having a hot dog.

So I think we’re in good shape. I don’t even think we need to hit another grocery store. I’m not here to tout specific brands. I’m not here to do anything like that. I just wanted to show what you should avoid, and what you should be looking for when you’re buying jerky. So no sense wasting a bunch of your time. We’re going to go ahead and we’re going to check out.

This way we can get some good B roll footage and be able to show this stuff close up. But honestly, the best place to be able to find jerky is going to be a health food store, because they’re going to have the good stuff. The regular grocery stores, you really have to filter through. Okay, this was a good indicator of how 95% of what was there would just be a deal breaker, game changer in a negative way for keto.

As always, keep it locked in here on my channel. Let’s check out.

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