Jeff Cavaliere ATHLEAN-X 66 Bodyweight Exercises (BEST EVER!)

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Not sure which bodyweight exercises to do while you’re away from the gym? In this video, Jeff Cavaliere shows his 66 bodyweight exercise favorites that you can do anywhere with little to no equipment. Different variations are shown to accommodate the ability levels of everyone watching – from beginner to intermediate to truly advanced.

Each of these calisthenic exercises will fall into one of 5 categories: push, pull, legs, conditioning or abs. Of course, many of the movements will serve multiple purposes and provide benefits into multiple categories at the same time. You do not have to perform all 66 in order to benefit from these moves. In fact, that would be impossible to do in one bodyweight workout.

When Jeff Cavaliere was asked which were his favorite bodyweight exercises, he of course did not want to be limited to just a handful. That has already been done in other videos on the channel and the selections were hard to make. Here however, where the limits are less stringent, the ATHLEAN-X celebrity trainer can offer up a much broader selection that allows him to help you to hit each of these important bodyweight training focuses.

The pulling exercises are those that will hit your biceps and back the hardest. These are things like the chinups, bicep chin ups and all of the escalating pullup variations. Even if you don’t have a pullup bar however you can still do incredible bodyweight back exercises like the human pullover (where you are trying to pull your body off the ground by isometrically pulling your arms down against a fixed object) as well as the lat plank hold.

The pushing exercises are much more common to those who perform bodyweight workouts. Here you often find variations of a pushup that will either tax your chest, shoulders or triceps more. The dive-bomber pushup shown actually hits all three muscle groups equally and is therefore one of the most powerful push exercises you can do in your at home bodyweight workouts.

Shoulder exercises are also things we can easily hit without equipment. These can range from the prowler pushup to the most difficult of the ones shown here – the wall handstand pushups.

Leg exercises need to focus on the glutes, hamstrings and quads. The lunge variations will tend to hit the quadriceps better while the bridge exercises will more directly hit the posterior chain muscles. Jeff Cavaliere’s favorite hamstring exercise is the slick floor bridge curl. It demands that the glutes are firing throughout the movement and that they are playing a primary role in the movement. The hamstrings control the knee bend in and out but only when the glutes are doing their job to keep the pelvis lifted high.

There are so many bodyweight ab exercises that could be included in this list of the 66 best bodyweight exercises. Here the selections are narrowed down to about 12 or so. Some are demonstrated from the hanging bar (his personal favorite) and others are performed on the floor (like the Heels to the Heavens). Each of them targets the abs and obliques effectively and allows you to more favorably recruit the lower abs or upper abs depending on the direction of the movement.

Finally, the conditioning exercises cannot be ignored. It is so easy to get an incredible cardio or HIIT workout with just bodyweight exercises alone. You can get your heart rate pumping quickly by simply moving your own body around in space. The exercises shown here combine an athletic element and get you up on your feet for a more athletic carryover. See if you can keep the reps coming even when the body wants you to quit for a maximal effect from these sweat inducing exercises.

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