As a man over 50, building muscle plays a huge key in our natural production of testosterone. As we get older, our testosterone tends to naturally decline. We can’t stop it completely, but we can fight back against the loss of our needed male hormones. Having less fat andContinue Reading

  There are certain muscle groups, especially on men, that look good whether you are wearing a shirt or not. They are a smaller muscle group, and having good looking arms is needed for men over 50. The biceps tend to be the good looking part on the arms, butContinue Reading

  Apply For Gary Walker's Alpha Maker Project (limited spots): As a man over 50, the workouts you do are going to be different from how you worked out in your 20’s. Our body changes, and is not the same as it used to be. There are a lotContinue Reading

  Sometimes it can be hard to make it to the gym, but that does not mean you should skip your workout for the day. Whether you are traveling, in a time crunch, or do not have any equipment available to use…you can use this bodyweight workout for you menContinue Reading

  GET OUR FREE "RIPPED IN 6" VIDEO WORKOUTS SENT TO YOUR EMAIL. CLICK HERE ==} Let’s face it, as a man, we love to work our upper body more than our lower body. Nothing wrong with that! Of course, never skip leg day. However, today, we are focusingContinue Reading

  The lower body plays such a key role and has such a great impact on our daily life. Having a strong lower body is the foundation because we use our lower body throughout the whole day. That is why it is important to work out legs, “friends don’t letContinue Reading

  Drop sets are a great way for building muscle fast, to help you get optimal results. You don’t have to do it for every workout that you do, but it is good to switch things up sometimes, especially when it comes to your workout routine. Working your muscle differentlyContinue Reading

  There are really two main goals that people make when it comes to fitness…building muscle and losing fat. Between the two, losing fat is harder to do, especially when it comes to belly fat. Well, summertime is here and it is time to lose belly fat and keep itContinue Reading

  GET OUR FREE "RIPPED IN 6" VIDEO WORKOUTS SENT TO YOUR EMAIL. CLICK HERE ==} When it comes to burning fat, there are different things you need to focus on…especially when it comes to belly fat. Belly fat is one of the hardest areas to burn fat, andContinue Reading

  Unilateral workouts tend to take longer than a normal workout because you are working one side at a time. However, they can be very beneficial to do and can get you great results. It is also summertime, and having a good looking upper body is needed for the seasonContinue Reading

  GET OUR FREE "RIPPED IN 6" VIDEO WORKOUTS SENT TO YOUR EMAIL. CLICK HERE ==} When you are starting a fitness journey, there are typically 2 main fitness goals…losing fat and building muscle. Today, we are focusing on trying to lose fat. This is one of the harderContinue Reading

  GET OUR FREE "RIPPED IN 6" VIDEO WORKOUTS SENT TO YOUR EMAIL. CLICK HERE ==} When I say these are the only exercises you need to build muscle, especially after 50, I am talking about “bang for your buck’ exercises. Exercises that are compound movements and work multipleContinue Reading

  Check out Legendary Men’s Care: For 10% off your order: ANABOLIC10 As a man over 50, testosterone is the most important hormone that we can produce. As we get older, our production of testosterone starts to slowly decline. We can’t stop that slow decline, but we can fightContinue Reading

  GET OUR FREE "RIPPED IN 6" VIDEO WORKOUTS SENT TO YOUR EMAIL. CLICK HERE ==} Your chest and stomach are some of the hardest areas to lose fat in…but they are the 2 areas we want to lose fat the most! Although not easy, it is achievable toContinue Reading

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