If you are looking to lose fat, and help maintain your physique…you are going to need to do some form of cardio in your weekly routines. This video will help you with burning fat, while still keeping your hard earned muscle. Not all cardio is created equal, especially as you get older. There is cardio out there that can sneakily make your muscles shrink, and make your testosterone levels drop. Avoid these things by following these cardio tips and exercises as a man over 50, to get the best results on your fitness journey.

These cardio options in this video will help you feel strong, lean, and energetic. You will hopefully have a clear path to fat loss and muscle retention by the end of this video. Make sure to apply these tips and stay consistent in order to get the best results. Don’t let cardio do more harm than good, and CARDIO the right way!

Here are the best forms of cardio for men over 50:

Cardio #1: HIIT CARDIO



Add these forms of cardio in your next workouts to start losing weight and burning fat quickly!

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