The ONLY Legit Ways to Lose Fat While Sleeping (the rest is BS)


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How to Increase Fat Loss During Sleep

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Timestamps ⏱

0:00 – Intro – How to Increase Fat Loss During Sleep
0:58 – Don't Sacrifice Sleep for More Exercise
3:00 – Why You Burn Fat While Sleeping
3:48 – Lower Carb Foods After Dinner
5:15 – Use Code THOMAS20 for 20% off House of Macadamias!
6:00 – Increasing Water Intake
7:17 – Improve Slow Wave Sleep
8:58 – Reducing Screen Time (utilizing red light)
9:25 – Carbs 3-4 Hours Before Bed
9:34 – Kefir
9:48 – Magnesium
10:07 – Exercise & Growth Hormone
11:15 – Fasting & Meal Timing

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